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SB70 hydraulic breaker

    Yantai Baicai Machinery Co.,Ltd begin to pruduce hydraulic hammers since 2004.Our selection of hydraulic hammers for sale for the construction,demolition,mining,quarrying include specialised hammers for under water applications.Also suitable for agriculture and landscaping products.Welcome to know our sb70 hydraulic breaker. We will give you our best service,any inquiry for sb70 hydraulic breaker just send to us.

The advantages of side type sb70 hydraulic breaker

    Let's talk about the advantages provided by the triangular breaker:

    1. Excellent durability and strong impact force and high work efficiency;

    2, the overall length is reduced, it is convenient to retrieve objects back, easy to maintain;

    3, easy to control, easy to locate, more conducive to excavation;

    4. The triangular type breaker has no side weight and the probability of breaking the drill rod is reduced.

Control valve internal structure of sb70 hydraulic breaker

    Based on the design concept of simple structure, less failure and easy maintenance. Baicai's newly developed and manufactured products are simple in structure, light in weight and easy to handle; the number of disassembled parts is small and the cost is reduced; the built-in structure of the control valve makes the parts of the breaker not damaged due to external impact. In addition, the structure is simple, the fault is reduced, and the maintenance and use costs are also reduced.

    Strong and powerful "hydraulic + nitrogen" impact system

    The most important feature of the breaker is its impact and impact energy. Each model of the Baicai breaker has a powerful hydraulic + nitrogen impact power system. The system is highly efficient, with minimal energy loss and maximum impact energy. All YLB series breakers provide first-class powerful impact energy. No matter how hard the working environment is, the YLB series of hammers can perform their tasks as desired. It is the ideal choice for breakers.

    Flow adjustable device

    The mechanism can effectively adjust the flow from the excavator or the power source, so that the required striking force and the hitting frequency can be adjusted according to the rock condition, and the adjustment can be directly performed on the breaker, which is simple, easy, convenient and fast, and the operator can direct completion, while many other brands need to be adjusted on the excavator or loader, the flow is not easy to control, and requires professional maintenance personnel to complete.

---Great impact and slow speed

---small impact, fast

Technology of sb70 hydraulic breaker

    The materials of important parts such as pistons, main bolts, front parts of the main body, oil cylinders, and rear parts of the main body are subject to strict quality inspection by the company and can guarantee the highest quality. The main components such as the piston, the front part of the main body, the oil cylinder and the rear part of the main body are manufactured using the latest heat treatment equipment, and many years of technical experience guarantee the stability of good quality. Baicai hydraulic breakers have set up MCT (Universal Machine Tool Center), CNC (CNC machine tools) and large-scale grinding machines for the hammers through multiple facilities investment to realize the automated manufacturing process and stabilize the quality. In particular, the large inner diameter grinding machine for the crusher is used to process the inner side of the cylinder and the valve to ensure the accuracy of the center degree, plus special super processing and inner diameter grinding to improve the surface roughness and product completion.

Applicable field:

    Mining--Minning,second time breaking.

    Metallurgy--Clearing slag,demolition of furnace and foundation.

    Road--Repairing,breaking,foundation work.

    Railway--Tunneling demolition of bridge.

    Construction--Demolition of building and reinforced concrete.

    Ship reparing--Clearing alam and rust from the hull.

    Others--Breaking frozen mud.

Maintenance of sb70 hydraulic breaker

    Since the breaker is used in dynamics, any moving joints are easily damaged. As long as they are used and operated correctly, they can be avoided. Correct use is as follows: 

    1.Read the operating manual of the hydraulic breaker to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaker and the loader. And operate them effectively.

    2. Check the bolts and connectors for looseness and leaks in the hydraulic lines before operation. 

    3. Do not use a hydraulic breaker to burrow holes on hard rock. 

    4. Do not operate the breaker under full or full contraction of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. 

    5. When the hydraulic hose is subjected to severe vibration, stop the operation of the breaker and check the pressure of the accumulator. 

    6. Prevent interference between the boom of the digging machine and the drill bit of the breaker. 

    7. Do not immerse the breaker in water except for the drill rod. 

    8. Do not use the breaker as a lifting device. 

    9. Do not operate the breaker on the tire side of the digging machine. 

    10. When the hydraulic breaker is installed and connected with the backhoe loader or other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and flow rate of the main hydraulic system must meet the technical parameters of the hydraulic breaker. The “P” port of the hydraulic breaker and the high pressure oil circuit of the main engine Connect, the “0” port is connected to the main engine return line.

Packing and Shipping

    The normal package is plywood box or pallet.If container space is not enough,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

    We will delivery the breakers within 7-10 working days after get the deposit if no special request.

    Standard accessories include two chisel,two hose,one Nitrogen bottle,one Nitrogen charging kit and pressure gauge and one tool box with necessary maintenance tools and operation manuals.


    Yantai Baicai Machinery Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2004.We are a professional manufacturer for producing hydraulic breakers.Now our factory mainly produces Soosan system hydraulic breakers, Furukawa system hydraulic breakers and spare parts in China.We supply kinds of Cylinder Ass’y to home and abroad.

    We have been specialized in R&D Heavy-duty hydraulic breakers.We already successfully developed 210mm and 230mm dia. Chisel heavy duty breakers in 2012. We also do OEM for famous brands hydraulic breakers for Korea,USA and Italy.

    We are focus on quality and service. We choose material strictly,we learn advance technology from Korea every 3 month also we build a professional after-sale service team. Customers’ satisfaction is always our first priority.

    We relied on the good quality control system and got the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.Against the top quality and good reputations, we has attracted domestic and international engineering construction machinery customers to visit factory and negotiate cooperation.

    We are in confidence that ,together with customers,we can always create better future.

    Sincerely welcome.

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  YANTAI BAICAI MACHINERY has professional technical team with many year’s experience at your service, with advanced imported production equipment,innovative R&D department, and our own heat treatment workshop,we insist on producing high quality sb70 hydraulic breaker, If you are interested in our sb70 hydraulic breaker, please kindly send inquiry to us, thank you.

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